MLS Updates and Fixes for 7/29/15

The following updates and fixes are now live on the MLS:

  • Added two realtor designations, CNE and MCNE.
  • Added the ‘How-To Videos’ link and the ‘How To FAQs’ link to the drop down menu under the ‘Support’ tab.
  • The commercial REPC form will now display changes when selecting ‘print pdf’.
  • Added a ‘Email Webmaster’ link to the footer.
  • Added a disclaimer notice to the Mortgage Calculator.
  • Added the missing check box on the Commitment for Title Insurance form.
  • ‘Save’ and ‘Send Selections’ buttons on the search results screen will now display an error message when nothing is selected.
  • Removed the ‘About Us’ menu option from main navigation and moved it to the footer.
  • Updated several schools.

Tech Tip – Contact Information in Photos and Remarks

This Tech Tip is a friendly reminder that contact information cannot be included in photos or in the public remarks. What exactly does this mean? This means that you cannot include:

1. Phone numbers (for anyone, not even a showing service or preferred lender).

2. Names, including your brokerage name, the owner name, the builder name, or the name of your preferred lender.

3. Email addresses of any kind.

4. Website addresses, including links to the builder or to an external video tour. Examples of what you cannot include:

The photos and unbranded property tour also cannot include any contact information, and cannot have a watermark that shows a name or any other contact information. The photo cannot include the for sale sign in front of the property, or any contact information in the photo decriptions.

You also cannot include a QR code in the photos, as this is essentially a link to a website. The photos must be of the property being sold, and cannot include any kind of promotional material other than the property being sold. Example of a photo with contact information:

Where can you include contact information? Use the Contact fields in the listing input section, and include any additional details or other contact information in the Agent Remarks. You may include a tour link in the Agent Remarks, if you wish to host your tour on a site that is not among our approved vendors. We also strongly suggest that you make sure that your agent Public Profile is filled out to give potential buyers information about you as an agent.

You can find more information and guides to in our Tech TipsTraining Videos, and our Help section.

If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Support department at, or by calling 1-800-236-1462, between 8am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Thanks!

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July’s Office Sales Meeting Slides

July’s MLS News and Updates slides are now available for your next meeting!

July MLS Sales Meeting Message (.pptx) >>
July MLS Sales Meeting Message (.pdf) >>

Or via Google Drive at

MLS Sales Meeting Message Highlights:

  • NEW C.E. Class: MLS Market Statistics
  • New Developments: Agent Mobile Branding, Form Date Bubbles, Lifestyle Data on Android Mobile
  • Other MLS Updates
  • MLS Policy Tip: List Within 5 Days
  • MLS Tech Tip: Protect your IDX Website Through the DMCA
  • Property Pond Update
  • Educational (C.E.) Class Dates and Locations
  • Ongoing User Group Information

If there is anything that you would like addressed in future messages, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you: (801-676-5408).

Thank you for your participation, I hope you find these short messages useful.

Note: You can access past messages through the “Sales Meeting Messages” category in MLS news.

Tech Tip – Tricks for opening Multiple Tabs

We receive many requests to have the ability to open multiple tabs or windows using Our system uses Session Data – meaning, it is saving information and querying relevant databases as the data is being entered. This means that it is reporting the number of matches after each search field is entered (very useful in knowing if a particular search criteria is too strict). It also saves forms as they are being filled, saves the listing information as it is being entered, and saves the CMA data as it is being created and edited. This means that you cannot perform two searches at once, or work on two form packets at once, as the session data will conflict, and the system will only remember the last saved or accessed tab.

However, you may have more than one tab or window open in separate sections of For instance, you can have one window open in a search, another open to a packet of forms, and another searching the Tax Data (the tax data search is separate from all other searches). These sessions would not conflict, and will not save over each other.

Make sure you are accessing different sections

Keep in mind, you cannot have a Residential search and a CMA search, or a Residential and a Land search open at the same time (or any other combination of searches, with the exception of the tax data or roster).The last accessed search will be the saved data, and you will get inconsistent results.

And finally, if any of the tabs or windows times out, you will time out of all windows, and will be asked to log back in, sometimes losing data from any or all of your tabs. Be careful to close any tabs you no longer need open. Also, if you log out of any of the tabs, you will be logged out of all of the tabs.

You can find more information and guides to in our Tech TipsTraining Videos, and our Help section.

If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Support department at, or by calling 1-800-236-1462, between 8am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Thanks!

The Latest Update on Zillow Syndication

We understand that the discussions with the Zillow Group are an important issue and we appreciate the feedback that we have received from our members. We encourage you to continue to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you have.

Since the Zillow Group terminated its agreement with ListHub back in April, we have discussed the matter with many of our brokers and we are currently meeting with both brokers and agents about this issue in order to find a solution that best fits our member’s needs.

With the divergent needs and opinions present in our membership concerning the Zillow Group, the Board of Directors has determined that we should not build a syndication platform to the Zillow Group at this time. We will continue to evaluate our broker requests and needs as time goes on.

In the meantime, brokers can negotiate their own agreements with Zillow and agents can still use Zillow in two ways:

  1. Broker Direct Feed to Zillow – This can be setup through the broker’s own internal listing service software, or a broker can obtain the broker’s data feed from the MLS to send to Zillow. To inquire about this broker MLS feed, please contact licensing at
  2. Direct Input to Zillow – With a broker’s consent, agents can sign up for an account and directly input and update their listings in Zillow.

We appreciate your patience in this matter and look forward to continuing to serve you as a valued member of

New South Jordan Zip Code: 84009

Starting today, certain residents in South Jordan are being asked to start using zip code 84009 in place of 84095.

This zip code is now available for your new listings inside of the MLS. Properties listed in the new boundaries with the 84095 zip code will still be correctly located in our searches and on our map. If you encounter any errors, please let us know right away be calling 801-676-5400.

The boundaries of the new zip code are:

  • North to South: All address South of Old Bingham Highway to 118000 South
  • East to West: All addresses west of Bangerter Highway


Tech Tip – Mobile App Tips

Did you know that we have an app? We have a full app available on both iTunes and the Google Play Store, for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Here are a few tips and tricks for using the app.

1. Do you have the latest version? Make sure that you are up to date. We regularly put out updates and fixes, and the best way to guarantee a good experience on the app is to make sure you have the most up to date version. If you have problems with the app, and are unsure if it is up to date, uninstall and reinstall the app from the App or Play Store.

Continue reading

Tech Tip – Upload PDF Listing Documents

Did you know that you can upload PDF documents to your listings? This is most helpful when you need to add a document that you wish to be viewed or used when making an offer on your property, such as seller’s disclosures or building footprints. Please keep in mind that these documents can be viewed by all members of Utah Real Estate.  Documents to be uploaded must be in PDF format.

To upload a document, you must Edit the listing. (Note: You will need to have Editing Rights on the MLS in order to edit your listing. If you do not have Editing Rights, speak with your Broker or Office Administrator).

To edit your listing, click on Profile, and then Inventory. Put a check next to the listing that you wish to edit, and then click on Edit Listing. Once there, click on Listing Documents.  Continue reading