The Latest Update on Zillow Syndication

We understand that the discussions with the Zillow Group are an important issue and we appreciate the feedback that we have received from our members. We encourage you to continue to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that you have.

Since the Zillow Group terminated its agreement with ListHub back in April, we have discussed the matter with many of our brokers and we are currently meeting with both brokers and agents about this issue in order to find a solution that best fits our member’s needs.

With the divergent needs and opinions present in our membership concerning the Zillow Group, the Board of Directors has determined that we should not build a syndication platform to the Zillow Group at this time. We will continue to evaluate our broker requests and needs as time goes on.

In the meantime, brokers can negotiate their own agreements with Zillow and agents can still use Zillow in two ways:

  1. Broker Direct Feed to Zillow – This can be setup through the broker’s own internal listing service software, or a broker can obtain the broker’s data feed from the MLS to send to Zillow. To inquire about this broker MLS feed, please contact Andrea Malone at 801-676-5420.
  2. Direct Input to Zillow – With a broker’s consent, agents can sign up for an account and directly input and update their listings in Zillow.

We appreciate your patience in this matter and look forward to continuing to serve you as a valued member of

New South Jordan Zip Code: 84009

Starting today, certain residents in South Jordan are being asked to start using zip code 84009 in place of 84095.

This zip code is now available for your new listings inside of the MLS. Properties listed in the new boundaries with the 84095 zip code will still be correctly located in our searches and on our map. If you encounter any errors, please let us know right away be calling 801-676-5400.

The boundaries of the new zip code are:

  • North to South: All address South of Old Bingham Highway to 118000 South
  • East to West: All addresses west of Bangerter Highway


Tech Tip – Mobile App Tips

Did you know that we have an app? We have a full app available on both iTunes and the Google Play Store, for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Here are a few tips and tricks for using the app.

1. Do you have the latest version? Make sure that you are up to date. We regularly put out updates and fixes, and the best way to guarantee a good experience on the app is to make sure you have the most up to date version. If you have problems with the app, and are unsure if it is up to date, uninstall and reinstall the app from the App or Play Store.

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Tech Tip – Upload PDF Listing Documents

Did you know that you can upload PDF documents to your listings? This is most helpful when you need to add a document that you wish to be viewed or used when making an offer on your property, such as seller’s disclosures or building footprints. Please keep in mind that these documents can be viewed by all members of Utah Real Estate.  Documents to be uploaded must be in PDF format.

To upload a document, you must Edit the listing. (Note: You will need to have Editing Rights on the MLS in order to edit your listing. If you do not have Editing Rights, speak with your Broker or Office Administrator).

To edit your listing, click on Profile, and then Inventory. Put a check next to the listing that you wish to edit, and then click on Edit Listing. Once there, click on Listing Documents.  Continue reading

Tech Tip – Work As Permissions

Work As Permissions allows you to give access to your MLS account to another person in your office, such as a co-agent or assistant. Work As Permissions will give that person access to your Auto Hotsheets, Address Book, Saved Searches, Saved Forms and CMAs. It will not give them permission to your Account Settings, Billing, or Listings. If you are trying to give access to edit your listings, this will need to be done with the Listing Input Permissions (which is given by the Principal or Branch Broker). Work As Permissions are great for offices with team environments.

To give Work As Permissions to a person in your office, follow these steps:

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June’s Office Sales Meeting Slides

June’s MLS News and Updates slides are now available for your next meeting!

June MLS Sales Meeting Message (.pptx) >>
June MLS Sales Meeting Message (.pdf) >>

Or via Google Drive at

MLS Sales Meeting Message Highlights:

  • New Developments: CMA and Hotsheet Updates
  • Other MLS Updates
  • MLS Policy Tip: Make Sure Your MLS Email is Up-to-Date
  • MLS Tech Tip: Welcome New Members!
  • Property Pond Update
  • Educational (C.E.) Class Dates and Locations
  • Ongoing User Group Information

If there is anything that you would like addressed in future messages, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you: (801-676-5408).

Thank you for your participation, I hope you find these short messages useful.

Note: You can access past messages through the “Sales Meeting Messages” category in MLS news.

Tech Tip – Update Your Public Profile

According to the NAR’s 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 43% of home buyers started their search by looking online for properties; 92% of buyers used the internet in some way during their home search; and two-thirds of home buyers only interviewed one agent before they found the agent they worked with.

With these numbers, we know that more and more home buyers are searching for homes online. And we know that potential home buyers are looking for reliable Realtors to help them with their home search. Having a good Public Profile on is a great way to connect with potential home buyers and sellers in your area.

To update or complete your Public Profile, click on Account Settings, in the light gray bar at the top of  Continue reading

Save Now on DocuSign! Special Member Pricing

DocuSign has a special promo going for subscribers! Members get 15% off DocuSign for a limited time.

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It’s fun to reminisce about the way we used to do things. The fax machine was cutting-edge technology back in the day, but the fact is, it simply can’t keep up with the speed of business in 2015.

It’s nice to know there’s a solution like DocuSign available today to help you get signatures and close business faster and easier that ever before.
DocuSign for REALTORS® PLUS lets you conduct business at any time, from anywhere. Our secure Digital Transaction Management platform lets you sign or send documents out for signature in seconds and manage your transactions from list to close from any computer or mobile device, which saves you from dealing with a clunky machine that’s better left in the past.

Tech Tip – Listing Compliance and Coming Soon Listings

We have received quite a few questions and concerns about properties listed on other sites (Zillow, KSL, etc.) that say pre-market or Coming Soon. We hope this Tech Tip will clear up some confusion on our MLS policies regarding coming soon listings, FSBOs, and listing compliance on

Coming Soon Listings and the Notice of Exclusive Listing Form

Listings that are represented by a member of WFRMLS must be listed on (see our Policies and Procedures, section 18.a.ii.) If a seller does not want to list their home on, a Notice of Office Exclusive Listing Disclosure form must be signed by the seller, the listing agent, and the listing broker. This form must be submitted to our Member Services department within 5 business days of the date the listing agreement is signed by the seller.

If the seller does not want to list their home on, and a signed Notice of Office Exclusive Listing Disclosure form has been submitted to the WFRMLS, the home cannot be listed on any other website that can be accessed by the general public. This means that if the listing is not submitted to, it also cannot be shown on Zillow, KSL, or on any other public facing website. The property must be listed on before it is submitted to another public facing website.

However, the listing does not need to be publicly available on In the Listing Input section, we have a field named Public Availability. In this field, if you select Not Searchable, the listing will not be shown on the public version of, or on any syndication or IDX web site. It will be viewable only by other members of WFRMLS.

For Sale by Owner Listings and Representational Contracts

All listings on must have a representational contract in place, either an ERS (Exclusive Right to Sell), or an EAL (Exclusive Agency Listing). For this reason, For Sale by Owner listings are not allowed on If a listing is shown on, a For Sale by Owner sign cannot be displayed on the property. In our Policies and Procedures, section 31.b, we state that only the signs of the listing broker may be placed on a property listed on

After a FSBO property has been sold, it can be added to as a comparable listing. You must receive permission from the buyer (the current owner) of the property. We have a guide to adding these listings here: Add a Non MLS Sold Listing As a Comparable.

Listing Compliance and Anonymous Emails

If you have concerns about a listing, whether you found the listing on a third party site like KSL, or you see a FSBO sign in front of a property listed on the MLS, contact our Member Services department. Member Services can be reached at, or at 1-800-236-1462 between 8:30am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

If you are concerned about the information on a listing that is posted to our MLS, such as an incorrect map location, wrong coordinates, or inaccurate taxes, use the anonymously email the listing agent link at the bottom of the listing report. Enter enough information so that both the listing agent and our compliance department will understand the problem. The email will be sent to our Member Services department for compliance, and will also be sent anonymously to the listing agent.

If you receive an anonymous email, read the email to determine if a correction needs to be made. If your listing needs to be updated, make the correction to the listing, and feel free to reply to the email to let us know that the listing has been corrected. If you do not feel that a change should be made, or if you have a question, reply to the email to let us know. Our Member Services department receives and responds to these emails. Here is an example of an anonymous email that is sent to the listing agent:

You can find more information about listings and compliance under these Tech Tips: Listing Input Common Questions, and How to Avoid Getting a Fine from the MLS. More information can be found in our Tech Tips, Training Videos, and our Help section.

If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Support department at, or by calling 1-800-236-1462, between 8am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Thanks!

MLS Updates Released Today

We hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We have exciting news! The following updates were released today on

CMA Update:

  • You can now change the background color on your CMA cover sheet.
  • The entire property address (with the city, state, and zip) now appears in the address field of the CMA Comparison Report.
  • You can now add a comparable property to a CMA report via the MLS number.

Statistics Update:

  • You now have the ability to send a PDF by email of the charts, graphs, and reports from the following reports: Absorption Report, Home Sales Graph, Market Summary Report, Sales Per Month, and Daily Snapshot Report. Mobile Website:

  •  We fixed the issue where the Search button on the URE mobile web site was not working on iOS devices.

UPDATE (5/29/2015): The latest UAR approved forms are also available inside the MLS.
This includes:

  • Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement & Agency Disclosure
  • Buyer Due Diligence Checklist
  • Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement & Agency Disclosure
  • Non-Exclusive Buyer Broker Agreement & Agency Disclosure
  • Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure

If you have any questions or concerns about the updates above, please give us a a call at 801-676-5400 or email us at