Tech Tip: Correct the Listing Map Point

Have you found that the system simply didn’t place your listing at the correct location on the map? Our system uses Google Maps, and uses their mapping system to try and place the listing at the correct map location, based on the address entered in the listing. But the system is not foolproof, and we occasionally need to manually correct the listing’s location on the map.

If you have the ability to edit and publish your listings on the MLS, then you can correct the map point of your listing. If listings are entered by a member of your office staff, ask that person to correct the map point, and forward these instructions.  Continue reading

May’s MLS Office Meeting Slides

May’s MLS News and Updates slides are now available for your next meeting!

May’s MLS Sales Meeting Message (.pptx) >>
May’s MLS Sales Meeting Message (.pdf) >>

MLS Sales Meeting Message Highlights:

  • Coming May 16, 2016: Buyer’s Agent Requirement (Under Contract)
  • Coming May 16, 2016: Lead Paint Disclosure Requirement
  • New Release: New Find a REALTOR® Page
  • New Release: New Green Home Search
  • Update: Agent License Number Display for Members
  • Update: New MLS Area – Moab Pack Creek
  • Update: New MLS City – Chubbuck Idaho
  • Update: Free C.E. Class Dates and Times

Note: You can access past messages through the “Sales Meeting Messages” category in MLS news.

Tech Tip: Help clients to establish a connection on

Recently, we have had a few calls from members who are experiencing difficulty in establishing a connection with their clients. Below you’ll find a quick guide to troubleshooting client connections on

When adding a client to your address book, or when sending a client a property list for the first time, the system prompts to send an invitation to your client.

This invitation either prompts the client to create a password (if they have never registered their email address), or prompts them to log in and accept the invitation (if the have previously registered their email address). Here is a video that shows the process from the client’s perspective:

If a client is having a hard time connecting, it can be challenging to know just what to communicate with clients. Here are the top 5 problems, and their solutions, for client connections. 

1. My clients says that they have accepted the invitation, but the status in my address book still shows as Pending.

Your client can log into their account and confirm their connection with you. To do this, they should log in to using their full email address and password, and click on Dashboard and then Connections.

They should see your name in the list. To confirm the connection with you, they should click on Confirm.

This should complete their connection, and you should see their connection status in your address book as showing Profile.

2. My client isn’t receiving the invitation email.

Have your client check their Spam or Junk Mail folder. Most likely, the invitation email has been marked as spam. If it has, have your client select Not Spam or Not Junk, and it should remember their choice in the future. If they still can’t find the invitation email, ask your client to add your email address as a Safe Sender, or to add a filter to their email so that emails from you are not marked as spam.

Once this is done, resend the invitation to your client. To do this, click on Clients, and then Address Book. Find your client in the list. Put a check next to the client, click on View Details, and then click on Resend Invitation. You an also forward your copy of the invitation to the client, as your copy of the invitation contains the same link that the client can use to create a client account.

If your client is still not receiving the invitation email, or if they are unable to get the link in the email to work, they can establish a client account manually. To do this, ask your client to go to, click on Join in the top right corner enter their information to create a client account. Once they have created a client account, have them log into the client account and click on Dashboard, and Connections, and click on Confirm to complete the connection with you.

3. My client cannot remember their password.

Your client’s username is their full email address. If they cannot remember their password, ask them to use the Reset it link on the login page. We will send them an email with a link to reset their password.

4. My client isn’t receiving the Auto Hotsheets.

Make sure that your client has a connection with you. To do this, click on Clients, and then Address Book. Find your client in the list. If it says Profile to the right of the client, then your client has a connection with you, and will receive the auto hotsheets. If it says Pending, then the client has not yet accepted the invitation. To resend the invitation, put a check next to the client, click on View Details, and then click on Resend Invitation. If it says No, then you have not sent an invitation, or the connection was removed. You will need to click on View Details and send a new invitation.

5. My client wants to change their email address.

When your client accepts the invitation, and creates a client account on, their username is their full email address. If you were to go to your address book and simply change the email address for your client, it would not change the client’s login to the MLS. This can create a lot of confusion for the client.

If the client needs to change or update their email address, we recommend that you add a new address book entry for the client using the new email address, send an invitation, and establish a new connection. This way, the client will be able to login using the new email address. (You should also remove the old entry for the client from your address book, to minimize confusion).

However, there are some drawbacks: Anything that your client has saved in their old client account, including property lists, favorite properties, and comments, will not be transferred to their new client account. They will be able to view only the property lists that were sent after the email address change, and they will have to recreate any favorites that they have saved. Also, you will need to re-associate the client with any Auto Hotsheets that they have been receiving.

You can find more information and guides to in our Tech TipsTraining Videos, and our Help section. We also have training classes available in person and online at (click on Continuing Education, and look for the UTRE free classes).

If you have any questions, or suggestions for future tips, please contact our Technical Support department at, or by calling 1-800-236-1462, between 8am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Thanks!

Notice – Please Confirm your Listings

***Notice (Added at 6:45PM 5/04/2016)***

Today, between the hours of 1:30PM and 5:00PM the MLS system underwent a critical maintenance period. Though it was only non-responsive for a short time, we ask that you confirm any payments, listings, or saved data that you may have created between 1:30PM and 5:00PM on Wednesday, May 4, 2016. Thank you for your patience as we work to keep the system updated. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

Alert – Unscheduled Downtime

At approximately 4:10PM on 5/04/2016, we had to take the MLS system down for critical maintenance. Unfortunately, we were not able to provide advance notice due to the severity of the issue. The system is now back online and fully functional, and the system was only down for a few minutes. However, there is a chance that items you were working on when the system went down may not have saved.

We keep our Facebook site updated with system alerts. For up-to-date information, please visit our page at You can also call member services with any immediate needs at 801-676-5400.

Thank you,

Your Team

*Note* Important MLS Updates Coming May 16, 2016

We have received some questions since our announcement about the requirement for the Buyer Agent contact information when a listing goes Under Contract.

Please note that once the Buyer Agent’s information is inserted, it will only be visible to the Listing Agent, the Buyer’s Agent and their respective Brokers.

A common frustration expressed by our members is the buyer’s agent being left out when a listing goes under contract. On May 16, 2016 we will be addressing this issue by requiring the buyer’s agent to be listed in order to change a listing to ‘Under Contract’.

Due to the federal and state laws, our Brokers have requested that the MLS require the upload of the lead paint disclosure for all properties built prior to 1978. We will be updating our system on May 16, 2016 to require that the lead paint disclosure document be uploaded when listing any property built prior to 1978.

On May 16, 2016, two important MLS updates will be implemented into the system:
1. The Buyer Agent name (*or “nonmls”) will be required in order to change a listing status to Under Contract   2. The Lead-Based Paint Disclosure will be required in order to list a property built prior to 1978

Please see this .pdf for details:
May 16, 2016 – Important MLS Updates (.pdf) >>

We have also created a slide deck for you to use at your meetings for this announcement:
May 16, 2016 – Important MLS Updates (.pptx) >>