Tech Tip – Use a Fully Supported Browser

Recently, our members have reported that they are having technical issues when using Internet Explorer to log into UtahRealEstate. These members have reported difficulty logging into our system, as well as slowness when searching, and problems when entering listings. All older versions of Internet Explorer are no longer being supported by Microsoft, which means that they are no longer sending security updates or software fixes. Because of these issues, we strongly recommend moving away from Internet Explorer. And while our system seems to work a little better on Microsoft Edge, we have also seen compatibility problems in Edge.

For the best experience on UtahRealEstate, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on either Windows or Mac computers, or Safari on Mac computers. UtahRealEstate is optimized to work best, and our system is fully supported, on these three browsers. 

Three other tips to keep your computer running well, and improve your experience on UtahRealEstate:

Always make sure to Keep your browser updated! Keep your browser, computer, and all programs updated to have the best security, and best access to new features and support.

Check your browser extensions, add-ons, and plugins, and clean them out as needed.

Clear your cache! We advise that you clear the browser cache once every week or two, or as often as necessary to have a positive browsing experience. 

You can find more information and guides to in our Tech TipsTraining Videos, and our Help section. We also have training classes available in person and online at (click on Continuing Education, and look for the UTRE free classes).

If you have any questions, or suggestions for future tips, please contact our Technical Support department at, or by calling 1-800-236-1462, between 8am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Thanks!