Tech Tip – Search Using the Remarks field

Have you ever tried searching for an AS-IS or ‘Needs TLC’ home? If you have an investor looking for a fixer-upper property, and have tried searching the MLS for these properties, you know that it can be a challenge.

One way to find these homes is to use keywords in the Remarks section. But the problem with using the remarks section to find keywords is that each listing agent may select a different combination of words. The solution is search using multiple keywords.

For instance, in this search, we are going to include the following keywords:

  • AS-IS
  • TLC
  • Distressed
  • Needs Work
  • Handyman
  • Investor

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Discuss Syndication in Utah and Have Lunch on Us! usergroups are a fun way to participate in important initiatives here at the MLS. Groups meet once or twice a month (depending on need) for lunch and the feedback we receive from subscribers shapes the results that we produce to the general membership.

We are looking for participants in our newest user group on listing syndication. This group will help us with input into three initiatives:

1. A document that may be included (at the agents discretion) in the listing agreement that helps sellers understand why the agent chooses not to syndicate.

2. A document that may be included (at the agents discretion) in the listing agreement that helps sellers understand why the agent chooses to syndicate.

3. The topic and speaker for our next Syndication luncheon on Feb. 20, 2015.

The date and time for the lunch meeting is: Dec. 3, 2014 (Wednesday) at noon

If you would like to participate, please email to say ‘I’m in!’ Thank you in advance for participating in this important discussion. We look forward to having you there.


Tech Tip – Correct Your Listing Map Point

Have you recently published your listing to the MLS, only to find that the map was placed off the coast of Africa?

Or, have you found that the system simply didn’t place your listing at the correct location on the map? Our system uses Google Maps, and uses their mapping system to try and place the listing at the correct map location, based on the address entered in the listing. But the system is not foolproof, and we occasionally need to manually correct the listing’s location on the map.

If you have the ability to edit and publish your listings on the MLS, then you can correct the map point of your listing. If listings are entered by a member of your office staff, ask that person to correct the map point, and forward these instructions.

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November Sales Meeting Message

November’s MLS News and Updates slides are now available for your next meeting!

November MLS Sales Meeting Message (.ppt) >>
November MLS Sales Meeting Message (.pdf) >>

MLS Sales Meeting Message Highlights:

  • NAR Sold Data Policy Update
  • New Release: List your Rentals to Property Pond via the MLS
  • Syndication Feature: The Publisher Scorecard
  • Affiliate Product Features: Our partners
  • Tech Tip: Take Advantage of your Profile
  • New User Group: Syndication Team
  • Educational (C.E.) Class dates and locations
  • Ongoing User Group Information

If there is anything that you would like addressed in future messages, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you: (801-676-5408).

Thank you for your participation, I hope you find these short messages useful.

Note: You can access past messages through the “Sales Meeting Messages” category in MLS news.

Tech Tip – Custom Search Fields

Did you know that we have certain search fields on the MLS that are not included in a Full search?

If you need to search for a Senior Community, Price Per Square Foot, DOM (Days on Market) or CDOM (Cumulative Days on Market), you will need to create a custom search to include these fields.

To customize the Search page, go to the Residential – Full Search. In the green bar, to the top right, click on More Actions, then Customize Search Form.

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Tech Tip – Custom Data Export

Did you know that you can Export listings from the MLS to Excel? You can also export to any program that can read TAB, CSV, PSV, or XLS format.

To export listings, first perform your search, and click on View Results. Then select all or some of the listings to export. Keep in mind, you can only export 200 listings at a time. Once you have selected your listings, click in the yellow Report menu, and select Export Report.

Once you are there, enter the Security Code, and select the format of the data on the left. Then click on Download Data at the bottom.

Now wait – it gets better!

When exporting data from, you may choose to export a Custom Report. By using a Custom Report, you can choose the fields that are being exported, instead of using our standard data export (which includes over 100 fields). But how do you create a Custom Report?

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Tech Tip – How to Avoid Getting a Fine from the MLS has a full time listing compliance department. Our Member Services department monitors listings for compliance, sends letters requesting information or changes to listings, and responds to emails about listing accuracy. We send many emails daily requesting information about listings, or requesting changes to listings.

The best way to prevent a letter or fine from our staff is to make sure that you are aware of our listing policies. Here is a quick list of things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure that you have an accurate email address on file, and make sure to read and respond to all emails from the MLS! The most common fine is a non-response fine – meaning, we have sent a letter requesting a change or correction, and heard no response. Even if you feel that the listing is correct, you must call or email us with your response.

2. Make sure that all information on the listing is accurate!

3. Listings need to be entered to the MLS within 5 business days of the date that the listing agreement was signed.

4. Residential listings that are Built and Standing (not Under Construction or To Be Built) must have at least 6 photos, uploaded to the listing within 10 business days. Of those 6 photos, at least 1 photo must be an exterior photo, and at least 4 photos must be interior photos. Here is our Guide to Uploading Great Photos.

5. Short Sale Listings must be disclosed as being a short sale. When an offer is Under 3rd Party Review, it must be disclosed on the listing. Here is our Guide to Short Sales on the MLS.

6. If the seller requests no more showings on a short sale listing that has an offer under 3rd party review, you must check the No Showings box in the Show Instructions field on the listing, and indicate No Showings in the remarks field. If a property is not a short sale listing with an offer under 3rd party review, it must be changed to Off Market status until it can be shown. Listings that do not correctly disclose the Short Sale or No Showings status can be subject to an immediate fine.

7. A property should be marked as sold within 10 business days of closing. All other status changes, including Under Contract, Off Market, and Withdrawn, must be changed within 3 business days. If any changes are requested to the listing, it must be done within 3 business days.

8. The Public Remarks section on the listing cannot contain any contact information, including names, phone numbers, or website addresses. They must follow fair housing rules (see the Fair Housing List).

9. Offers of Commission are unconditional. They cannot be reduced by language in the remarks section, except when the commission is reduced by the lender in a short sale.

10. Don’t share passwords. This is a finable offense.

If you feel that a listing has misinformation, and wish to report a problem on a listing, use the link at the bottom of the listing labeled: anonymously email the listing agent. This will send an anonymous email to the Listing Agent, and a copy of the email to our Member Services department. If our Member Services department finds that the listing is out of compliance, they will send a letter to the listing agent, letting them know that they need to correct the listing.

To find a downloadable guide to these policies, click here: Policies and Procedures Quick Sheet.

Here are other guides to help to understand our policies and requirements, and avoid getting a fine:

Adding Non MLS Sold Listings as Comparables – how to add a listing that was not sold through the MLS, or add a comparable listing to the MLS.

Listing Input Common Questions – answers to common questions when entering listings to the MLS.

If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Support department at, or by calling 1-800-236-1462, between 8am and 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Thanks!

Tech Tip – Virtual Tours on

Lately, we’ve been fielding quite a few questions about Virtual Tours on the MLS. Here is a quick guide to virtual tours, our policies and requirements.

Virtual Tours cannot be uploaded directly to a listing on A virtual tour must be hosted with a Virtual Tour Vendor that is registered with WFRMLS.

Alternatively, if it is not hosted with a registered virtual tour vendor, a link to the tour can be included in the Agent Remarks. The link cannot be placed in the Public Remarks, because we do not allow any contact information to be placed in the public remarks, including names, phone numbers, or website addresses.

To select a virtual tour on your listing, you will need to edit the listing (if you do not have rights to edit your own listings, speak with your office).

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October Sales Meeting Message

October’s MLS News and Updates slides are now available for your next meeting!

October MLS Sales Meeting Message (.ppt) >>
October MLS Sales Meeting Message (.pdf) >>

MLS Sales Meeting Message Highlights:

  • Policy FAQ: How can I exclude the sold price on an MLS listing?
  • New Release: The Syndication Education Website: Rate the Portals and Learn More about Online Advertising
  • New Release: Mobile Listing Editor and Mobile Draw Search tool
  • New Release: Visual Statistics
  • Tech Tip: Using the new Visual Statistics tool
  • Property Pond: Mobile Search App is now live on iPad and iPhone!
  • Educational (C.E.) Class dates and locations
  • User Group Information

If there is anything that you would like addressed in future messages, please let me know! I’d love to hear from you: (801-676-5408).

Thank you for your participation, I hope you find these short messages useful.

Note: You can access past messages through the “Sales Meeting Messages” category in MLS news.