Tech Tip: Email Safety

As a reminder, the MLS recommends NOT opening any email attachments or links from unknown senders. If someone that you do not know sends you an attachment, a link to a website, or a link to view a document which looks suspicious, we recommend first making contact with the sender to verify the legitimacy of the attachment or link. If you are unable to verify the suspicious attachment or link, you should consult with an IT professional before opening.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Technical Support department at, or by calling 1-800-236-1462, option 1. Technical Support is available between 8:00am and 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Thanks!

Rule Reminder: Photo Policy

This is a quick friendly reminder of some of the most common MLS Rules which relate to using photos for residential listings on the MLS.

  • How many photos are required?
    • A total of at least 6 different photos.
  • What type of photos are required?
    • At least 1 photo of the front of the exterior of the house or building, and
    • At least 4 photos of the inside of the house or building.
  • When do I have to add the photos?
    • Within 10 business days of entering the listing into the MLS.
  • Can I use Photos from another agent’s listing?
    • No, you are not allowed to use another agents’ listing photos, unless prior written permission has been obtained.
  • What if my sellers don’t want photos on the MLS, or if it will take me more than 10 days to add photos?
    • Submit a seller-signed “Photo Opt-Out” Form to the MLS. The Form is found in the Forms Library in the MLS.

Looking for more quick tips and information on the MLS Rules? Check out our Rules and Regulations Reference Guide. If you have any questions, please contact our Member Services Department at 801-676-5400, ext. 2 or