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MLS# 1893572

List Price: $192,500  •  3650 W Chalgrove Rd  •  Taylor, UT 84401

Lot 138 with mountain views and south facing front
More of lot 138
More of the amazing views of the mountains
Aerial view of Lot 150 (also listed)
Aerial view of Lots 147, 148, 149 & 150
Aerial view of lots 104, 107 that are also available. 105 and 106 are pending.
Aerial view of lot 122 that is pending.
Beautiful New Homes are being built!
View of bird's eye view
Exterior space
View of mountain view
View of bird's eye view
Aerial view
View of mountain feature
View of bird's eye view
New West Field High School

View of the iconic Batman water tower
Construction is happening!
Equestrian Heaven
View of mother earth's splendor
West Field High School Boundary Map
Mountain View Júnior High Boundary Map
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