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MLS# 1996847

List Price: $449,100  •  559 N Blue Lake St  •  Garden City, UT 84028

View of carpeted living room
Hallway featuring light hardwood / wood-style floors
Kitchen featuring a kitchen island with sink, hanging light fixtures, light hardwood / wood-style flooring, white cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances
Kitchen with stainless steel appliances, white cabinetry, sink, and light wood-type flooring
Kitchen with sink, white cabinetry, hanging light fixtures, stainless steel appliances, and light hardwood / wood-style flooring
Dining area with light wood-type flooring
Dining space featuring light wood-type flooring
View of pantry
Carpeted bedroom with ceiling fan and connected bathroom
Bathroom featuring hardwood / wood-style floors, a shower, and large vanity
Dining area featuring a textured ceiling, light carpet, and a large fireplace
Rec room featuring a textured ceiling and carpet flooring
Living room featuring a textured ceiling, a large fireplace, and carpet flooring
Full bathroom with hardwood / wood-style floors, vanity, toilet, and shower / bath combo with shower curtain
Bathroom featuring shower / tub combo and toilet
Carpeted bedroom with a textured ceiling
Bedroom featuring a closet
Walk in closet featuring dark carpet
Bathroom featuring hardwood / wood-style flooring, a shower with shower door, toilet, and vanity
Bedroom featuring dark colored carpet
Bedroom with a closet, dark carpet, and a walk in closet
View of spacious closet
Laundry area with independent washer and dryer
Garage with a garage door opener
Multi unit property with a garage
View of entrance to property
Extra Parking for Paradise Parkway Townhomes
Bear Lake State Park Marina
Bear Lake Marina
Bear Lake Marina
Bear Lake Marina
Bear Lake Marina
Bear Lake Marina
Garden City Park
Garden City Park Pickleville Courts
Garden City Park Fishing Pond
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