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Dean Crandall, AHWD, PB, PSA, SFR, CNE

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About Dean Crandall

Who is Dean, and Why Should I Consider Working With Him?

There is no one else like Dean Crandall! Dean brings a different perspective to the world of Real Estate. He understands stable lifestyles from his parents who still live in the same home they moved into when Dean was 18 months old. He also understands the nature of moving around. Dean has lived in 11 different homes since he moved out on his own (25+ years ago).

Dean's sales career has been varied to include: intangibles, tangibles, software applications, wireless solutions, and real property. For Dean, the stability of his real estate career path over the past decade has certainly been the most rewarding. Throughout the past two-plus decades, Dean has learned how to listen to his clients and friends because every client is a friend. He has learned empathy and questioning skills to find out what is most important to each client to ensure his clients get what they want. For Dean negotiating transactions in his client's best interest is fun and a gift he has developed over time.

Dean has been influenced as well as inspired by his parents, incredible wife and mentors from Earl Nightingale to Hyrum W Smith. Dean's service overseas in Thailand helped him appreciate the value of a smile. He saw and experienced how a smile opens doors to being successful in business and, more importantly, in life. Dean learned/discovered one simple act can make all the difference! Another life event for Dean was the Mount St Helens eruption on his birthday. He realized No matter how well you plan, stuff happens...

What life lessons did Dean learn from his experiences and mentors? No matter the difficulties in life, people can always smile and be positive. No matter the seriousness of the challenges we face today, we'll be able to laugh about it at a future date. (Ask him about his experiences with kidney stones, five times over!) Dean believes that we are placed on this planet to be happy and enjoy our lives. He does everything he can to help others be happy because that's what leads to his own joy. Even when there is a difficult situation he's working on with his clients, he always reminds them that the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT a train!

Dean has passion for his work, his family, and Thai food! (If you ever want an opinion, call or text him.) He loves to hike, fish, read, cook/BBQ, and he loves movies. One of Dean's secrets to keeping balance between his personal life and work while maintaining an excellent level of customer service is he makes his clients his #1 goal his #1 goal when he is working. When Dean is playing with friends and family, his phone is turned off. (He does return calls!)

KW Westfield is Dean's brokerage of choice because of its distinctive culture and commitment to on-going education and cutting-edge technology. KW Westfield gives Dean the tools, training and technology to find the Buyers for homes that is the best fit for their needs. He also helps Sellers get absolute top dollar for their property. He doesn't know the risk of using the second best company to do it...and he's not willing to find out. Are you? is where real estate listings originate, and it is the most used property information platform for real estate professionals in the state of Utah. offers you the most complete and current property information available.

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